netwars – Out of CTRL


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Web Documentary



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Filmtank GmbH

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In the last few years, several serious cyber attacks have been launched on governments, gas and oil industries, financial institutions and energy suppliers. In response, countries across the globe are forming their own cyber troops. The race is on, but it is still unclear who will be responsible for controlling these very powerful cyberspace armies of the future.

Netwars / out of CTRL is a fact-based 5-part interactive web series exploring the impending threat of cyberwarfare. The users personally experience the vulnerability of digital infrastructure and of modern technology. Through various scenarios, they are engaged in an intriguing game with the main character: a digital weapons dealer, portrayed by Nikolai Kinski, who is a mastermind in the dark market of digital warfare. Netwars also explains the structures of sophisticated virus attacks, combining fiction with professionally researched facts, expert knowledge, documentary footage and gaming elements.

The scale of this cross-media project is vast: the project includes an Interactive Web Doc, TV Documentary, Interactive Graphic Novel App, E-Book, Audio-Book and TV Series. Be prepared to look behind the scenes of the actual cyberwar front!



Author & Creative Director

Lena Thiele / Miiqo Studios UG 



Lena Thiele / Miiqo Studios UG, Michael Grotenhoff / filmtank GmbH, Hendrik Hölzemann, Alexander Lukowitz / Elephant Films 


Art Director

Sebastian Baurmann / Miiqo Studios UG 


Technical Lead & Programming

Britzpetermann GbR



Andrew Mottl


Scientific advisor

Dr. Sandro Gaycken / Department of Computer Science, Freie Universität Berlin


Produced by

Filmtank GmbH


In cooperation with

ZDF/ Arte, Miiqo Studios UG


copyright © 2015 filmtank GmbH 


"The web documentary shows the best aspects of our new digital possibilities and combines it with the most dangerous ones. A digital masterpiece."

German nationwide newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ 15.04.2014)

„Stunning web series“

The Guardian 2014​​